Enlighten Saunaterra Moonlight 2-Person Peak Roof Dry Traditional Outdoor Sauna


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This is an outdoor sauna with traditional features that combines sleek design and comfort. As a traditional sauna, it uses electric heaters from Harvia to warm the air for those much-needed sweat sessions.

It seats 2 people in a well-crafted interior that is designed to be enjoyed in solitude or with someone.

As a MoonLight model, the design of this sauna is aimed at creating a feeling of calm. Unlike the Rustic model, this sauna favors wood over glass for a wholesome traditional experience.

Besides being a place of comfort, it is also sturdy. It can be used outside frequently as it can withstand the elements. The health benefits that sauna usage brings are broad, so do not delay getting a sauna from us.

Peaked and sloped roof variants are equally good, it’s up to you to decide which one works best for you.

Traditional Heating Technology requires hardwire. Hardwire is recommended, if you opt for a plug, we will send you the plug for the BC45-E heater.

  • Double Roof (Flat Roof + Outdoor Roof With Asphalt Shingles)
  • Insulation
  • Real Western Canadian Red Cedar Wood Outside And Inside
  • Harvia Heater
  • Eco-Certified
  • Non-Toxic
  • Bluetooth Player With Speakers FM/USB/AUX/MP3


  • Floor Panel
  • Ceiling Panel
  • Accessories
  • Left Side Wall
  • Right Side Wall
  • Front Wall
  • Back Wall
  • Bench and Bench Support
  • Harvia Electric Heater, BC-45E
  • Outdoor Roof (SLOPE OR PEAK)




Bucket with ladle

Sand Timer / Hourglass
Analog Thermostat
Eco-certified Cedar Wood

Bluetooth Player with Speakers
Built-In Ergonomic Backrest
Double Pane Tempered Glass
Digital Controller
Adjustable Vent
Cup Holder
Wider & Deeper Bench

Inside Lights

Magazine Rack

Towel Rack



Width 46″
Depth 46″
Height 73″
Bench 44″ x 22″
Width 50″
Depth 50″
Height 96″
Roof Width 60″
Roof Depth 60″
Number of Boxes 7
Product Weight 725 lbs
Shipping Weight 775 lbs
Adjust. Temp. 0-189 F
Heaters Type Electrical Heater
Timer 0 – 60 mins
Amperage 20 Amp minimum, 30 Amp recommended if you run a new line
Plug NEMA 6-20p
Voltage 220/240 V
Electrical Heater Wattage 4500 W




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Enlighten Sauna warrants its products to be free of defects in material and workmanship. This warranty extends only to a retail purchaser of a sauna or parts from an authorized dealer.

However, in the event of a sale, transfer, or conveyance of a sauna or parts from the proceeding person, any rights, duties, and obligations associated with this warranty shall be null and void and of no further force and effect. The sauna or parts must be purchased and used within one year of the manufactured date.

The controls, heaters, electrical parts, and wiring must be kept dry at all times and not exposed to any water or liquids.

Under no circumstances will the manufacturer be liable for any special or consequential damages arising from the use of the product, its components and/or parts installed with or attached to it. The manufacturer is not liable for any injury to any persons or any claims of such that may be arising from the use, installation, and/or the service (repair) of the product. The purchaser must establish the date of purchase, by dated sales slip, invoice, or delivery receipt.

For the coverage period specified (“warranty period”), Enlighten Sauna agrees to replace, at its sole option, the products listed above, subject to and solely in accordance with the terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations set forth herein. The warranty covers parts only, labor is not included.

Outdoor-Residential Use: 3-Year Warranty
Indoor-Residential Use: 7-Year Warranty
Commercial Use: 3-Year Warranty


Enlighten Sauna

As an innovator and leader in the infrared sauna industry, Outdoor Infrared Sauna by Enlighten Sauna has been manufacturing infrared saunas that are both effective and luxurious. They have spent a lot of time studying and researching infrared therapy to come up with the most effective infrared sauna in the market. Thus, when you buy from Enlighten Sauna, you can be sure of exceptional quality infrared saunas.

Some of Enlighten Sauna’s critical goals involve providing classes, self-maintenance, and information tools that are geared toward Life Reorientation so as to empower a lot of people to turn their cumbersome lives around and reclaim the pain-free, flexible and balanced body for a fantastic life. Over the years, they have dedicated time, effort, and resources to the following aspects of the body; nutrition, health, balance, movement orientation, body mechanics, and flexibility in general. Enlighten Sauna also has International Partners who make sure the whole process is done in the right way; from the old-growth cedar trees to the final crafted products.

Enlighten Sauna is committed to sharing and educating on the benefits of infrared wellness. They take pride in their durable and high-quality infrared saunas that can be modified to be used either outdoor or indoor in a commercial, clinical, or residential setting. Also, with many years of expertise and knowledge, Enlighten Sauna knows the in-and-outs of infrared saunas and can answer any questions about infrared, infrared heaters, types of wood, controls, and infrared saunas in general.

Enlighten Sauna offers quality services to ensure that customers are always 100% satisfied with their products and the entire experience. Furthermore, Enlighten Saunas come with floor heaters to offer more comfort and prevent moisture build-up. The infrared heaters are positioned up to avoid direct heating of the head.



Cup Holder
The cup holder is a small wooden table that can be screwed in one of the front corners (either right or left, based on the user preferences). Make sure not to install the cup holders on or in front of the heater. Some models with a glass front or corner saunas will not include the cup holder.
Magazine Holder
The magazine holder can be installed either on the front wall (in front of the window) or in the sidewall (next to the legs) (the placement of the magazine holder is optional based on the user preferences). Do NOT install the magazine holder in front of the heater. The magazine holder size might vary based on the model.
Towel Rack
For models with full glass doors, the towel rack can be installed either on the front wall or on the sidewall (the placement of the towel rack is optional based on the user preferences). Do NOT install the towel rack in front of the heater. For models with glass and wooden frame doors or wooden doors, install the towel rack in the middle of the door frame and use it as a door handle.
The MP3 player will be pre-installed on the sauna. There are two parts to help to remove the MP3 player if needed (2 L-shaped metallic pieces – image on the right).
Oxygen Ionizer
Locate the ionizer plug which is extended out of the sauna ceiling (1-pin plug). Connect the oxygen ionizer and screw it into the back panel.
Color Therapy Lights
Color therapy lights (or chromo lights aka chromotherapy) function as light therapy for physical and mental health. Scientists have determined that each color emits a frequency. Our body consists of Seven Layers of the Auric Field and the Seven Chakras (energy centers of the body). Each layer looks different and each has its own particular function. Each layer of our Aura is associated with a chakra (1st layer with 1st chakra, and so on).
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